9 Quick Responses To Fat-Hating Comments


There has been one time or the other when you received a ‘you are so fat’ comment to make you feel ashamed. The truth is that there are times when people get on your nerves about your weight that you can let go, other times you need to be firm and shove back that embarrassment right at their face.


Here are 9 quick ways to respond to fat-hating comments.


1. You’re getting fatter.

Answer: I’d rather be fat than skeletal.


2. Stop eating too much.

Answer: I’m happy my body can testify I’m eating.


3. How did you become so fat?

Answer: I’ve been asking myself that too. Could you help me out?


4. I think you should exercise.

Answer: I think your thoughts should remain with you.


5. You must eat a lot.

Answer: Yeah I do. Sorry to ask though ‘Do you starve yourself?’


6. You can’t have a boyfriend looking like this.

Answer: With a perfection like that, I can see why you got a guy like (insert boyfriend’s name here).


7. I’m glad I’m slim. It must be such a burden for you.

Answer: It’s a great burden having to cope with so many admirers.


8. He just wants to sleep with you. He doesn’t love you.

Answer: That was how you were used by other guys? Oh sorry.


9. I think you should lose some weight.

Answer: I think you should add a few pounds.


Never act like you are embarrassed when someone complains about your weight. It gives them an edge over you and makes them happy to have psychologically demoralised you. Be firm and stand for yourself because you owe no one an explanation about your body.

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