It is no longer news that the media wants everyone to think that being thin is ‘it’! and I am beginning to think the plus-sized woman is being stereotyped, put in a box.

Check online in plus size stores and about plus size models on the internet and what do you see? An over-glorified escaped-thin woman, posing as a plus-size woman. Women who ordinarily I wouldn’t use the word plus size to describe. Curvy maybe but certainly not plus-sized.

We always see photoshopped skinny models and for a change, would like to see plus-size women, in their real selves, as they are…to assure us other plus-sizers that we are not alone and should be confident in ourselves.

The media wants us to believe plus-size starts from size 14-16. But is that the truth or are they so caught up in their own ideas of wanting voluptuous women to appear thin that they can’t see the light? What happens to size 22, 24, 28, 32 even? Those are the real plus-size! A so-called plus size fashion site carefully selects ‘average’ women and tells us that is plus-size. I guess size 14 is the new plus-size.

And yeah…a plus-size woman is supposed to be the woman with the hour-glass shape. Big bOObs, small waist and wide hips…and of course, a flat stomach to go with it.
Unlike the skinny women shown in magazines, who try their best to look perfect and without cellulite, a plus-size woman appreciates her curves, be it anywhere on her body! We don’t try to be perfect but understand that perfection is not a goal but a state of mind.

A plus size woman need not have the biggest boobs, or the tiniest of waists nor the widest of hips, because we know that as much as there are voluptuous women out there with deadly curves, there are also other body shapes that we should appreciate.

When you appreciate your body and actually start treating it nicely, you will realise that it boosts your self-esteem. You won’t need to ask anybody ‘Do I look great today?’ Rather you will confidently say to yourself ‘Wow! I look great today.’

Remember, confidence is sexy.

9 Quick Responses To Fat-Hating Comments


There has been one time or the other when you received a ‘you are so fat’ comment to make you feel ashamed. The truth is that there are times when people get on your nerves about your weight that you can let go, other times you need to be firm and shove back that embarrassment right at their face.


Here are 9 quick ways to respond to fat-hating comments.


1. You’re getting fatter.

Answer: I’d rather be fat than skeletal.


2. Stop eating too much.

Answer: I’m happy my body can testify I’m eating.


3. How did you become so fat?

Answer: I’ve been asking myself that too. Could you help me out?


4. I think you should exercise.

Answer: I think your thoughts should remain with you.


5. You must eat a lot.

Answer: Yeah I do. Sorry to ask though ‘Do you starve yourself?’


6. You can’t have a boyfriend looking like this.

Answer: With a perfection like that, I can see why you got a guy like (insert boyfriend’s name here).


7. I’m glad I’m slim. It must be such a burden for you.

Answer: It’s a great burden having to cope with so many admirers.


8. He just wants to sleep with you. He doesn’t love you.

Answer: That was how you were used by other guys? Oh sorry.


9. I think you should lose some weight.

Answer: I think you should add a few pounds.


Never act like you are embarrassed when someone complains about your weight. It gives them an edge over you and makes them happy to have psychologically demoralised you. Be firm and stand for yourself because you owe no one an explanation about your body.